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Flexibility integrates with Whoop to provide personalized recovery

Author Frances Marcellin 30/09/2022

Pliability is integrated into Whoop to support user recovery and performance with personalized mobility routines / Convenience/oops

Mobility app Pliability has integrated with digital health and fitness tracker Whoop to create a smart, personalized tool that helps users recover faster and maintain optimal health based on their body data.

Flexibility is based on the user’s Whoop metrics, including sleep data, heart rate variability (HRV), resting heart rate (RHR) and breathing rate, and based on these, it estimates which routines should be performed to improve performance. If it detects a low score in a certain area, it recommends flexibility exercises that boost the flagging meter. According to the team, suggestions may include routines that focus on breathing work, longer routines to improve recovery, and mindfulness routines to regulate the sympathetic nervous system.

“We’re not intentionally looking for integrations for the sake of it, but this is deeply complementary and improves the user experience for both parties by incorporating mobility and recovery in a smart way,” said Scott Perkins, founder of Pliability.

The partnership also allows users to maintain a consistent “strain” level. When the overall exertion reading is higher than “optimal exertion” (defined as that day’s target exertion level based on recovery from the previous day), Pliability recognizes the activities (such as running, swimming, or cycling) and segments performed. of the used body, to inspire recommended routines that enhance recovery in these areas.

Pliability is integrated with Whoop through its developer platform, which allows approved third-party apps to provide personalized coaching to Whoop members. “As a result of this integration with Pliability, we’re creating even more ways for people to improve their overall health and take advantage of new methods of recovery,” said Alexi Coffey, Whoop’s Chief Product Officer.

Pliability was previously known as Romwood (Range of Motion Workout of the Day), but the rebrand was announced earlier this month. Its science-backed stretching, breathing, and mindfulness routines are backed by some high-profile CrossFit athletes like Tia-Clair Toomey, James Newbury, and Noah Olsen, who saw a 33 percent increase in their recovery metrics after using Pliability in Whoop. .

“My biggest goal for Pliability is to educate our customers that regardless of their training, exercise is essential to living a full life,” said Cody Mooney, Pliability’s Director of Performance. “We offer mental and physical flexibility through our product.”

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